OCAOs of District and County People's Governments in Shanghai

  OCAO of Pudong New Area Government

  Address: 1286 minsheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200135

  Tel: 68543935 Fax: 68543935


  OCAO of Hongkou District Government

  Address: 10F. 518 Feihong Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200086

  Tel: 25658888 Fax: 25658023


  OCAO of Xuhui District Government

  Address: 218 Wulumuqi Road(S), Shanghai

  Postal code: 200031

  Tel: 64454511 Fax:64454046


  OCAO of Zhabei District Government

  Address: 480 Datong Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200070

  Tel: 63817425 Fax: 63817425


  OCAO of Yangpu District Government

  Address: 1515 Jiangpu Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200092

  Tel: 65151408 Fax: 65151408


  OCAO of Putuo District Government

  Address: 1668 Daduhe Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200333

  Tel: 62642495 Fax:62642495


  OCAO of Huangpu District Government

  Address: 300 Yanan Road(E), Shanghai

  Postal code: 200001

  Tel: 33134800 Fax:63735102


  OCAO of Jing¨an District Government

  Address: 950 Kangding Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200040

  Tel: 62188165 Fax: 62188163


  OCAO of Luwan District Government

  Address: 325 Danshui Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200025

  Tel: 53963578 Fax:53963578


  OCAO of Changning District Government

  Address: 599,Changning Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200050

  Tel: 22051902 Fax: 22051932


  OCAO of Jiading District Government

  Address: 111 Bole Road(S), Jiading District, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201800

  Tel: 69989290 Fax:59524290


  OCAO of Songjiang District Government

  Address: 3 Guyang Road(N), Songjiang District, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201620

  Tel: 37735552 Fax:57822844


  OCAO of Minhang District Government

  Address: 6258 Humin Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201100

  Tel: 24033000 Fax: 64127702


  OCAO of Qingpu District Government

  Address: 100 Park Road, Qingpu, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201700

  Tel: 59732890 Fax:59729573


  OCAO of Baoshan District Government

  Address: 5 Mishan Road, Baoshan, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201900

  Tel: 56691011 Fax: 56692709


  OCAO of Fengxian District Government

  Address: 9503 Nanfeng Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201400

  Tel: 57187127 Fax: 57187127


  OCAO of Jinshan District Government

  Address: 809 Weiling Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

  Postal code: 200540

  Tel:67961352 Fax: 57966119


  OCAO of Chongming County Government

  Address: 35 Renmin road, Chongming County , Shanghai

  Postal code: 202150

  Tel: 59612421 Fax:59611029

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Government