3. How to apply for the issuance of the certifying documents of the status of the three categories of overseas Chinese students?


A: The applicant must provide the following certifying documents of his/her status:

a.       Personal certificate of returned overseas Chinese;

b.      The certificate of returned overseas Chinese of his/her father (mother) and the certificate of relationship between the applicant and his/ her father (mother);

c.       The certifying document of the status of his/her father (mother) as overseas Chinese issued by Chinese embassies or consulates overseas and the notarial certificate or certificate of relationship between the applicant and his/her father (mother).

Certificates of the status of returned overseas Chinese youth and children of returned overseas Chinese are to be issued by the SFROC, those of children of overseas Chinese in Chinese mainland by the OCAO of the district or county of domicile of the applicant and those of children in Shanghai of returned overseas Chinese from other provinces and cities by the Municipal Government OCAO.


Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Government